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MK Batteries Profile

MK Battery is one of the largest sealed lead acid battery suppliers in North America. Headquartered in California, MK Battery was founded in January 1983 and has 91 employees. MK Battery supplies batteries that are manufactured under the most versatile computer control battery formation system and technology to achieve the highest quality.

MK Battery provides the highest quality and most environmentally responsible sealed battery solutions for specialized deep-cycle and standby power applications. Unlike most sealed batteries, MK Batteries are true "manufactured" sealed batteries. They are ready to go out of

the box, which eliminates the labour involved in prepping a battery for sale. The absorbed glass mat design allows their products to be shipped anywhere without hazardous materials fees. Not only do the company test their own batteries to make sure they meet strict criteria for quality, but they also carefully evaluate other manufacturer's products as well.

MK Battery assures you the following key benefits:

  • Tank formed plates
  • Temperature control formation
  • Constant current formation
  • Total visibility of status and hard copy of all charging battery characteristics
  • High quality battery/better uniformity
  • Constant voltage formation
  • Elimination of operator error
  • MK small sealed lead acid battery benefits include; maintenance free, multi-purpose usage, explosion resistant, compact design, leak proof/spill proof, multiple applications and high discharge rate.


Whether your application requires extended cycle life, long duration at low rates of discharge, minimal recharge time or maximum high-rate performance, MK Battery manufactures and distributes only the highest quality batteries available anywhere.

MK Battery is growing rapidly because the company specialize in sealed battery markets that are also expanding. Moreover, because of their narrow focus on sealed batteries and these niche markets, MK can offer you expertise in these areas that very few of their competitors will match. Finally, you can expect their total commitment to keep you safely at the forefront of high-quality battery technology with the most responsive service.