How long should a charged battery last?

When you purchase a golf battery from Europower Battery Centre it will be fully charged, but we do advise that you immediately give it a top up charge for a few hours before you use it on the trolley.

A fully charged battery will easily last 18 holes, even on courses with the most extreme of gradients.

What is the correct way to charge a golf trolley battery?

Never run the battery fully down, as this will damage the battery.

Only use the correct charger that was supplied by your golf trolley manufacturer or one specifically designed for deep cycle AGM and Gel batteries. Do not use car battery chargers as these will damage your battery.

How often should I charge my golf trolley battery?

Never leave your battery in a discharged state. Always charge your battery immediately after your round of golf and leave it on the maintenance charge until your next round of golf. Do not leave it on the maintenance charge for very long periods without use, such as over winter.

How soon after I have played golf should I recharge the battery?

As soon as possible. After a short time, the plates inside the battery will begin to sulphate. Plate sulphation inhibits the way a battery accepts a charge and dramatically shortens a battery’s life.

What is the proper way to maintain and store my golf trolley batteries?

Store the battery in a cool, dry place.

Is the battery safe?

Ensure the battery terminals are securely insulated, making short-circuiting almost impossible. The sealed, dry construction removes all chances of battery leakage.