For Start-Stop Vehicles with very high Energy needs 

Running Bull AGM L

The Running bull Backup is the ideal support for starter batteries owing to the fact that it uses the same trend-setting technology as that employed in the original Running Bull battery. The small power pack is utilised in vehicles with a start/stop system and additional consumers with a high energy requirement such as redundant safety systems or power steering.

Technical Features:

  • Valve-regulated nonwoven battery (VRLA)
  • Range of two types with capacities from 9-12AH.
  • Used by Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo as O.E fitment.
  • Three times greater cycle resistance than standard batteries.
  • Leak-proof owing to electrolyte bonding into a glass nonwoven. (absorbent glass mat)
  • Zero maintenance owing to recombination technology.
  • Installation in a lateral position possible. (max. 90° angle)


  • Support battery for cars with particularly high energy requirements
  • Use in cars with start-stop systems
  • Use in cars with power steering