AGM for Start-Stop Vehicles without Energy Recuperation

Running Bull EFB L

EFB technology is used mainly in mid-range and small cars with simple start/stop systems but without energy recuperation. In the coming years, this type of cycle-resistant starter battery will be employed with growing frequency for the Original Equipment market.

Technical Features:

  • Range of four types with capacities from 60-95AH.
  • Nonwoven cover on the separator and special active mass composition.
  • Twice the cycle resistance of standard batteries.
  • Top V3 vibration resistance rating.
  • Double lid for maximum protection against leaks and operational safety.
  • Zero maintenance due to modern calcium mesh technology.


  • Mid-range and small cars
  • Cars start-stop without braking energy recuperation
  • Taxis

* EFB = enhanced flooded battery, the cycle resistant starter battery.

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