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Europower offers the broadest portfolio of high-quality, Deep-Cycle Flooded, Gel and AGM batteries for floor machine applications.

Durability, reliability and performance mean less unplanned downtime and increased return on your battery investment!

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Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries

Trojan Battery Floor Machine Image

Top floor scrubber and sweeper manufacturers, as well as maintenance companies, trust Trojan’s deep-cycle batteries to deliver reliable power for uninterrupted operation of their floor cleaning equipment.  Follow their lead and replace your batteries with Trojan deep-cycle battery products. They’ll give you the power to shine!

Technical Features:

  • Trojan batteries feature our proprietary Maxguard® T2 Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology™ which provide increased battery life, extended run time and decreased maintenance.
  • Durability, reliability and performance mean less unplanned downtime and increased return on our battery investment!
  • 3 New EU (DIM) size batteries: Ideal Fitment for BCI and EN standards.

Trojan Floor Machine Battery Range

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The reliable partner to drive your business

Sonnenschein Gel is considered to be the benchmark that manufacturers aspire to. The Gel battery was originally developed by Sonnenschein of Germany and the performance capabilities of this technology have not been matched to date on the world-wide market by any other comparable product. The GF-V block battery range is designed for hard industrial use such as floor cleaning applications and is fitted as standard in many floor cleaning machines.

Technical Features:

  • Maintenance-free (no topping up) motive power batteries in gel technology for high operating voltage
  • Robust, safe and reliable
  • Low self-discharge
  • 6 V and 12 V block batteries 50 Ah up to 240 Ah (C5)/55 Ah up to 270 Ah (C20)
  • 700 cycles according to IEC 60254-1


Power your applications

The extremely powerful, compact Everexceed AGM VRLA batteries are an ideal energy source in leisure applications providing high performance, durability and reliability in long duration cycling applications

Technical Features:

  • Completely maintenance-free
  • High-Compression Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM) for greater than 99% recombination efficiency
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Operates at a low internal pressure
  • Advanced lead tin calcium alloy, reduces grid corrosion and promotes long battery life
  • Horizontal or vertical operation
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • No Transport Restrictions