The Leisure Specialist

With the Energy Bull, Banner offers a special battery for hobby and leisure purposes. The Energy Bull’s features mean that it is robust and an ideal energy source for camping, caravanning, on boats and a wealth of other applications that extend to signalling systems and the powering of e-motors.

The fact that several Motorhome and caravan manufacturers along now fit Energy Bull as Original Equipment proves that it is a true leisure specialist.

Technical Features
  • The Energy Bull offers up to four times the cyclical resistance of standard starter batteries and is extremely durable.
  • Min/Max markings on the transparent battery casing and easy opening make the battery maintenance-friendly.
  • Backfire protection is integrated into the battery cover and surge protectors.
  • Low maintenance is secured by minimum water consumption and self-discharge.
  • The suitability of any standard charger makes charging straightforward.
  • Optimum capacity that is perfect for dealing with cyclical loads.
  • Practical handles for easy transport.


  • Boats
  • Yachts
  • Motorhomes
  • Camping
  • Solar

The Energy Bull Capacity Calculator

Which is the most suitable battery? The Banner Capacity Calculator will help you to quickly and easily determine the power needed for a particular application and hence the suitable battery type.

The Energy Bull Capacity Calculator

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