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We supply a full range of Conventional, AGM and Lithium batteries that offer a choice of power and service life for motorcycles, jet skis, quads, all-terrain vehicles, watercraft and utility vehicles.

Unibat are part of the Italian company Samauto and have been distributing batteries in the European market for over 15 years. Unibat supply prestigious motorcycle companies such as Benelli, Beta, Husqvarna, Ducatti and Malaguti. Unibat batteries offer High Cranking Power, Lower Self Discharge for times of none use and come both sealed and ready to go or complete with acid pack for when you are ready to commission the product.

Motorcycle Batteries

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MF Series
MF Series


  • AGM Technology
  • Superior starting power
  • Acid pack included
  • Maintenance free – Completely sealed
  • Installation in any position with no risk of acid leaks
  • More discharge cycles compared to conventional batteries
  • Available for majority of applications

Inside Battery - MF Series

Conventional Standard SeriesConventional Series


  • Acid pack included
  • Available for every kind of vehicle
  • Amperage increase from 5% – 8% guarantees better capacity and performances during starter phase
  • Less maintenance due to very low water leaks
  • Longer duration, more charge cycles, and above all better endurance of charge level especially in the wintertime

Inside Battery - Conventional Series

Instructions for Activation and Use of Dry Charge Conventional batteries:

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X-Racer Lithium
X-Racer lithium batteries are about 3 times lighter that conventional lead acid batteries but ensure surprisingly higher performances. They are made of lithium-ion which reduces the weight of the batteries by 60% but retain the same cranking power. The range of 15 models covers 98% of the most popular motorcycle types. X-Racer battery life is 4 times longer than standard motorcycle batteries and satisfies both racing experts and traditional users looking for a battery with a longer life.

  • Long-lasting
  • Up to 65% lighter
  • High and low temperature resistant
  • Fast charging process
  • Eco-friendly, non-polluting

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The Extreme Battery/Extreme Series Batteries

ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries have the power to provide engine-cranking pulses in excess of 2250 amps for 5 seconds – double to triple that of equally sized conventional batteries, even at very low temperatures. This extreme combination of power and performance makes ODYSSEY batteries perfect for a range of applications, including automotive/LTV, marine, commercial, and powersports.


  • Twice the overall power and three times the service life of conventional batteries
  • 8-12 years Design Life (Float)
  • 3-10 years Service Life
  • Dry cell (starved electrolyte) – no external leakage or corrosion
  • 2 years storage before needing charge
  • Air transportable – classed as non-spillable
  • Battery slowly loses power at end of life – no catastrophic failure

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