Trojan Tips - Deep-Cycle Battery Technologies - Expand your deep-cycle battery knowledge with this video tutorial which reviews the various deep-cycle battery technologies available on the market today, and what to consider when selecting a battery for a particular application.

Trojan Tips - Determining the Health of a Deep-Cycle Battery - Learn the importance of measuring the state of charge of deep-cycle batteries by evaluating open circuit voltage and calculating specific gravity of deep-cycle flooded batteries.

Trojan Tips - Deep-Cycle Flooded Battery Maintenance to Ensure Optimum Performance and Maximum Life - Learn proper safety techniques, cleaning methods, watering, equalization, how to avoid stratification and calculating specific gravity to maintain the health your deep-cycle batteries.

Trojan Tips - Expand Your Battery Charging "Know-How" - Learn important facts about battery charging as part of an effective battery maintenance program, including correct charging procedures, and rules to follow when charging.