info Information
Read all information printed on the batteries, in the instructions and the vehicle-operating manual.
wear-hand-protection Wear Hand protection
wear-eye-protection Wear Eye protection
keep-children-away-from-acid-and-batteries Keep Children away from acid and batteries
danger-of-explosions Danger of Explosions
A highly explosive, hydrogen-oxygen mixture is created during battery charging
flammable Flammable
Open flames, sparks, open lights and smoking are prohibited.
Avoid sparks when handling cables and electrical devices.
Avoid short-circuits.
danger-of-chemical-burns Danger of Chemical burns
Battery acid can cause severe burns. Always wear gloves and eye protection.
Do not tip the battery as acid can escape from the degassing valve.
first-aid First Aid
In the case of acid splashes in the eyes, rinse out with clean water immediately for several minutes and then consult a doctor.
Treat acid splashes on the skin or clothing with an acid neutraliser or soap and rinse with large amounts of water
Should acid be swallowed, consult a doctor immediately
warning Warning
Do not subject batteries to direct daylight
Discharged batteries can freeze - always use frost-free storage
disposal Disposal
Never dispose of batteries with household waste - used batteries should be handed in at a collection point.
return-to-the-manufacturer Return to the Manufacturer
Used batteries bearing this symbol represent a reusable product and must be returned for recycling.
Used batteries that are not to be recycled must be disposed of as hazardous waste in accordance with all regulations